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Liposuction is a fat removal operation that provides permanent removal of fat accumulated in different parts of the body. With liposuction application, not the excess fat in the body, but the cells containing fat are absorbed. Thanks to the controlled fat absorption, people look thinner. 

The number of fat cells increases until puberty. There is no increase in the number of fat cells after puberty. Weight gain in individuals varies depending on the number of fat cells. Fat cells are regionally located in different parts in men and women. Generally, the number of fat cells in the belly and waist parts of women and men is higher than the fat cells in other parts of the body. The excess fat for various reasons causes the fat cells to grow in volume by settling into the fat cells. 

With liposuction, the number of fat cells is reduced and fat accumulation is prevented. Liposuction is an aesthetic intervention that can be applied to any part of the body. Liposuction, which is a very effective method to get rid of stubborn regional fat, offers a rapid recovery process to patients. In this respect, it is the first choice of patients among body shaping operations. 

Since the number of cells is reduced by half thanks to the fat vacuuming operation in liposuction application, even if there is fat accumulation in the person's body in the following times, this will not be too much. Since thin micro cannulas are used in liposuction application, there is no obvious post-operative scar. In this application, regional oils are fluidized by using an anesthetic drug in the area of ​​fat accumulation. Thus, the extraction of fat becomes much more practical.